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Our SnowRoads blog will help you learn about the essentials and ideas you need to inspire an unforgettable trip.  

Places of interest

The SnowRoads Mini Break: 3 ½ days
Sometimes we need to escape from the everyday and a long weekend or a mini break is just enough to truly disconnect and unwind. You can pack so much fun into a short holiday on the SnowRoads, it’s a perfect way to discover the Cairngorms National Park, even for the time-poor.
Discover the SnowRoads: 7 days
The SnowRoads truly offers something for everyone. There’s enough to do that visitors can return again and again to set themselves against the route and discover something different each time.
Action and Adventure on the SnowRoads: 5 days
The Snow Roads offers 90 miles of sporting pursuits including a vast network of bike and walking trails. Hill walking is a huge draw and the route offers access to some of Scotland’s famous Munros - mountains over 3,000 feet in height. Backcountry skiing, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, golfing, hillwalking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking, fishing: You name it. The Snow Roads offers huge opportunities to access the outdoors and, with a diverse range of activities, offers options for all abilities. The challenge of traversing the two highest public roads in Scotland, with all their twists and turns, has seen adventurers come back time and time again to set themselves against the route. This itinerary offers just a taster of the Snow Roads’ great outdoors.
History and Heritage on the SnowRoads: 5 days
The SnowRoads links thriving communities where you can explore rich history and heritage ranging from neolithic stone circles and longhouses to castles and forts as well as the myths and legends of giants, fairies and ghosts. Many of the main communities were built as a result of General Caulfield’s military road, and you will notice the unique architecture and town planning within them, with a main square acting as a nodal point for you to discover each of the town’s histories.
Food, Drink and Culture on the SnowRoads: 5 days
From the berry producing fields surrounding Blairgowrie through to the farming and estate land of Glenshee and Royal Deeside and the whisky stills of Speyside, the SnowRoads is home to a variety of industries. One which has shaped the land extensively in the past includes cattle farming. The Cateran Trail is a notable example of this. The walking route follows the paths of old Drovers roads which would be used to move farm animals around the region to new grazing spots. You will also now find artists, makers and designers in the communities who are inspired daily by the landscapes, nature and history all around them. Their work is showcased all along the way with exhibitions, shopping and events. Take the opportunity to learn about the past and present industries and the people who contribute to thriving communities across the SnowRoads.
Nature and Wildlife on the SnowRoads: 5 days
The Cairngorms National Park is world-renowned as one of the best locations to spot rare and endangered wildlife in Scotland. Various nature reserves and promoted walks offer fantastic opportunities to stop off and catch sight of special animals and insects, all peppered with beautiful flora and fauna. The Cairngorms National Park is home to a quarter of Scotland’s native forest and, hidden in plain sight along the route, is magnificent Scots Pine trees which were originally part of the ancient Caledonia Forest.