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90 Miles of...Safe Driving

The SnowRoads are slow roads.

Take your time to enjoy the views, villages and attractions. You will experience steep hills, blind summits, tight bends and single-track roads on part of the route so be sure to drive with care and courtesy.  On narrow sections, please be aware of other drivers and use passing places to allow others to continue on their way.

· Keep left.
· Seatbelts and car seats for children are compulsory.
· You will be traversing through some rural areas so be patient if you come across slow moving farm vehicles.  
· Slow down if you see farm animals on or beside the roads.
· Slow down for cyclists.  
· Keep topped up with fuel by refilling when your tank is half empty.
· Don’t park in passing places or block field access.
· Don’t travel in convoy or impede vehicles behind you.
· Break before bends and blind summits and keep to a safe speed.

There’s an 18-tonne restriction on the Gairnshiel Bridge and large vehicles and coaches may need to consider an alternative route.

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