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Evening Talk: Butterflies, Dragons and Damsels of Shropshire by Jim Almond

An illustrated evening talk by wildlife photographer Jim Almond

Visitors to my blog or Shropshire Odonata pages cannot fail to be aware that for two or three months of the Summer, I spend a lot of time chasing insects! Concentrating on Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damselflies, this talk is a colourful presentation of the best moments watching these amazing insects within Shropshire. The emphasis is on their lifestyle, flight periods and the habitats they are found in (including gardens) plus tips on identification. The importance of fieldcraft and the best approach to watching them, with tips on photography is covered. The talk is geared for a 'general' audience with an interest in nature and will feature in excess of 60 species (not bad for Shropshire!) The talk ends as usual with a new audio-visual finale.


Grant Arms Hotel
25 The Square
Grantown on Spey
PH26 3FH